The Post Office Investigation Branch (IB) was tasked with immediately establishing the amount of money stolen, which they concluded totalled £2,595,997.10s.0d. 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Voluntary return to UK jurisdiction 7 May 2001, Escaped 8 July 1965; Released 7 August 2009 (Served 3,875 days; 10 years 10 months), 30 years (25 years for conspiracy to rob and 30 years for armed robbery), 20 years (20 years for conspiracy to rob and various receiving stolen goods charges), 25 years (20 years for conspiracy to rob and 5 years for obstructing justice), The 1966 German three-part TV mini series, In 1988, Buster Edwards' experiences were made into the comedy-drama, A comedy version was staged in the 1966 film. ][non-primary source needed] According to Piers Paul Read in his 1978 book The Train Robbers, he was "a solitary thief, not known to work with either firm, he should have had a good chance of remaining undetected altogether, yet was known to be one of the Train Robbers almost at once—first by other criminals and then by the police". The Great Train Robbery was de eerste Amerikaanse western. A furniture van was parked alongside the prison walls and a ladder was dropped over the 30-foot-high wall into the prison during outside exercise time, allowing four prisoners to escape, including Biggs. Being involved in the Great Train Robbery, our name was good. They also found a large quantity of food, bedding, sleeping bags, post-office sacks, registered mail packages, banknote wrappers and a Monopoly board game. The Great Train Robbery was the robbery of £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train heading from Glasgow to London on the West Coast Main Line in the early hours of 8 August 1963, at Bridego Railway Bridge, Ledburn, near Mentmore in Buckinghamshire, England. The plot saw two other prisoners interfere with the warders, and allow Biggs and friend Eric Flower to escape. On 2 July 2009, Biggs was denied parole by Justice Secretary Jack Straw, who considered Biggs to be still "wholly unrepentant",[63][64][page needed] but was released from custody on 6 August, two days before his 80th birthday, on 'compassionate grounds'. It had been bought two months earlier as their hideout. Richardson in turn introduced him to Gordon Goody. After realising the danger in settling near the Wilsons in Montreal, they went to live in Vancouver, and then went to Nice, France. He had to bring in bank clerks to count the damp and musty money to determine the final sum.[107]. [79] Upon their release from prison, both men retired from work. Charlie Wilson – Wilson took up residence outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Rigaud Mountain in an upper-middle-class neighbourhood where the large, secluded properties are surrounded by trees. Bruce Reynolds and John Daly picked up cars, one for Jimmy White and the other for Reynolds, Daly, Biggs and the replacement train driver. Having suffered a series of strokes after his release, and unable to speak for the previous three years, Biggs died at the Carlton Court Care home, London on 18 December 2013. Pp 68–84), Gangster's Moll (2001) by Marilyn Wisbey (Chapter 6 The Pubs, Pp 69–71), The Train Robbers (1978), Piers Paul Read, Pp244-245, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Pressure makes Network Rail change bridge name", "The Great Train Robbers: Who were they? He went to jail for short spells for numerous offences. Smith was the only man not ultimately arrested that was on both the Hatherill list, and Tommy Butler's list. The gang realised the police were using a "dragnet tactic", and with help from the public, would probably discover the farm much sooner than had been originally anticipated. A 16th man, an unnamed retired train driver, was also present.[3]. As a result, the plan for leaving the farm was brought forward to Friday from Sunday (the crime was committed on Thursday). He later moved to Mojacar, southern Spain,[86] where he bought property and a bar and settled down, believing it safer to be out of the United Kingdom. The investigation was detailed in a report by Assistant Controller Richard Yates that was issued in May 1964.[7]. Cordrey was the first of the robbers released, but his share of the theft had almost entirely been recovered by the police. The robbers now had to move the train to Bridego Bridge (now known as Mentmore[8] Bridge), approximately half a mile (800 m) further along the track, where they planned to unload the money. He was rejected by the Royal Navy because of poor eyesight, and then tried to become a foreign correspondent, but his highest achievement in that vein was to become a clerk at the Daily Mail. Two weeks after his escape Wilson was in Paris for plastic surgery. John Denby Wheater (born 17 December 1921,[42] died 18 July 1985[43]) was the employer of Brian Field. [97] He was 26 years old at the time of the robbery. Locomotive English Electric Type 4 – D326 (later 40126) was involved in a number of serious operating incidents. Specialist in Crime (1972), Ernest Millen, Specialist in Crime (1972), Ernest Millen, P.208, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (, The Train Robbers (Piers Paul Read) (1978), The Train Robbers by Piers Paul Read (1976). [28][29] He is survived by his son Nick. cite news| Channel 4 documentary 12 August 2019, The Great Train Robbery – Crime of the Century – the definitive account (2013) by Nick Russell-Pavier, The Great Train Robbery (2008) – Crime Archive Series by Peter Gutteridge, The Train Robbers (1978) by Piers Paul Read (Pp 13–17), The Train Robbers (1978) by Piers Paul Read. [30], John Daly ", "British Transport Police History: The Great Train Robbery", "Fancy the 'Get Out of Jail Free' card from Great Train Robbery gang's Monopoly? Raeburn went on to say that Daly had played the Monopoly game with his brother-in-law Bruce Reynolds earlier in 1963, and that he had gone underground only because he was associated with people publicly sought by the police. Two new films from writer Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) telling the story behind the most infamous heist in British history on its 50th anniversary. William Gerald Boal (22 October 1913 – 26 June 1970), an accomplice after the fact of Roger Cordrey, was convicted as being one of the robbers, despite playing a role no different from the many other accomplices of the various train robbers. [citation needed], In 2019, Pembroke's son, also called Danny, confirmed that his father was present during the raid. That same day, Biggs' memoirs were published in The Sun newspaper. Jul 6, 2014 - In the early hours of 8 August 1963 a London-bound mail train was forcibly stopped at a remote bridge in Buckinghamshire. The robbers removed all but eight of the 128 sacks from the HVP carriage, which they transferred in about 15–20 minutes to the waiting truck by forming a human chain. The last report of him said that he was in a safe house, banged up with two gorgeous girls and enough champagne to sink a battleship. Upon the release of the others in the mid-1970s, "Bill Jennings" got in touch with Buster Edwards and "Frank Monroe" got in touch with the South Coast Raiders. Daly told no one about the robbery as he was told he could face a retrial. Following the deaths of Goody on 29 January 2016,[65] and Tommy Wisbey on 30 December 2016, Bob Welch is the only remaining known member of the gang known still alive. He was arrested in 1983 for drug-related offences (Reynolds denied having any involvement). One of the carriages involved in the robbery is preserved at the Nene Valley Railway. [30], Authorities regarded Douglas Gordon Goody as the mastermind of the operation. Over half of this consisted of the shares of Roger Cordrey (£141,017) and (allegedly) Brian Field (£100,900). The BBC has cast the first installment of its two-part drama The Great Train Robbery with Luke Evans set to play Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind Britain's infamous 1963 heist. Movie title: Buster (1988) Movie description: The film tells the story of the Great Train Robbery that took place in 1963 and follows the life of gang member Buster Edwards. This paid off with the arrests of first Wilson, then Reynolds. Millen said in his book Specialist in Crime, "the break-through with the informer came at a moment when I and my colleagues at the Yard were in a state of frustration almost approaching despair". [70] In 1982, he married a younger woman, but the marriage soon broke down. In the mid/late 1970s they worked for the Children's Book Centre (since sold) in Kensington High Street, London. White was a renowned locksmith/thief and had already been on the run for 10 years before the robbery. During his national service in the RAF he was detained for stealing cigarettes. Biggs could not be extradited because there was no extradition treaty between Britain and Brazil, and additionally he became father to a Brazilian son, which afforded him legal immunity. When he returned to South London, he ran a drinking club and became a professional criminal. How did they pull off such an audacious raid? Upon his acquittal and release, and after finding his share of the loot stolen and/or destroyed, Daly gave up his life of crime and went "straight". The robbers who spent much time on the run overseas—Reynolds, Wilson and Edwards—had very little left when finally arrested, having had to spend money avoiding capture and indulging in lavish lifestyles without finding employment. In 1969 he was finally forced to accept compulsory retirement, and later died in 1970, aged 57. For his part, George Hatherill, in his book A Detective's Tale, stated that the motive behind the return of the money was not known for certain. It seems that while he was an older man, he still had to apply for two weeks leave of absence from his job. In 2014, Douglas Goody claimed to journalists that "The Ulsterman" was Patrick McKenna, at the time of the robbery a 43-year-old postal worker living in Salford, Lancashire. Reynolds did not want to go to Australia where Biggs was, and needing money decided to go back to England, settling briefly in Torquay before being captured by Tommy Butler. He admitted to visiting the farm on one occasion with Lennie Field, but said he assumed it was an investment of his brother Alexander Field, whom Brian Field had unsuccessfully defended in a recent court case. The escape was planned by recently released prisoner Paul Seaborne, with the assistance of two other ex-convicts, Ronnie Leslie and Ronnie Black, with support from Biggs's wife, Charmian. See the full list of The Great Train Robbery cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. De vluchtende boeven worden te paard achtervolgd. [11][page needed][unreliable source? Pops/Dad a.k.a. He then went to Cheddington railway station, where the train had been taken, and where statements were taken from the driver and postal workers. Brian Field was only reluctantly acquitted of the robbery. [citation needed] By October 1978, day-release ended and he had to report to a parole officer. Danny Pembroke was an ex army man who was a South London taxi driver and a South Coast Raider. Justice Fenton Atkinson concluded that a miscarriage of justice would result if Boal's charges were upheld, given that his age, physique and temperament made him an unlikely train robber. Both said that they had no money left. Throughout his three years on the run with wife Sheree and baby son Stephen, he was taken advantage of or let down by friends and associates. Other associates (including Ronnie Biggs, a man Reynolds had previously met in jail) were added as the organisation evolved. He was released a decade later. Killing Charlie, by Wensley Clarkson (Pp 148–153), Gangster's Moll (2001) by Marilyn Wisbey (Pp 80–81), Gangster's Moll (2001) by Marlyn Wisbey (Chapters 1: Growing Up and 12: Cocaine), Killing Charlie (2004) by Wensley Clarkson (Pp165-166), The Train Robbers by Piers Paul Read (Pp239-242), The Train Robbers, by Piers Paul Read (1978), Killing Charlie by Wensley Clarkson (Pp 227 & 244), Crossing the Line — The Autobiography of a Thief, Bruce Reynolds, Page 217, Crossing the Line — The Autobiography of a Thief, Bruce Reynolds, Page 167, The Train Robbers, Piers Paul Read, Pages 269-271, Odd Man Out (1994), Ronnie Biggs, Pages14-16, Odd Man Out (1994), Ronnie Biggs, Pages31-32, The Train Robbers by Piers Paul Read (Pp 235 & 245), No Fixed Address (1971) by Frank Williams (Ch: Where Has All The Money Gone ? His mother died in 1935, and he had trouble living with his father and stepmother, so he often stayed with one or other of his grandmothers. He visited Canada and the US as a lecturer on police matters. Detective Chief Superintendent Ernest Malcolm Fewtrell, head of the Buckinghamshire Crime Investigation Department (CID) was born on 29 September 1909 and died on 28 November 2005, aged 96. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. On 14 July 1964, the appeals by Roger Cordrey and Bill Boal were allowed, with the convictions for conspiracy to rob quashed, leaving only the receiving charges. The Great Train Robbery is a 1903 American silent short Western film made by Edwin S. Porter for the Edison Manufacturing Company.It follows a gang of outlaws who hold up and rob a steam locomotive at a station in the American West, flee across mountainous terrain, and are finally defeated by a posse of locals. The son stated that Pembroke, whose share of the loot was £150,000 (about £3 million in 2019), died in 2015 aged 79.[87]. Once the robbers had entered the carriage, the staff could put up no effective resistance and there was no police officer or security guard on board to assist them. He soon joined a gang with best friend John Daly (future brother-in-law). This resulted in their sentences being in effect reduced to five years only. [10] It appeared, from interviews with the witnesses, that about 15 hooded men dressed in blue boiler suits had been involved, but little more could be gleaned. The signal had been tampered with by the robbers: they had covered the green light and connected a battery to power the red light. Smith died in 2008. One of the robbers had spent months befriending railway staff and familiarising himself with the layout and operation of trains and carriages. [45][page needed] The farm was deserted but they found the truck used by the robbers, which had been hastily painted yellow, as well as the Land Rovers. Field had arranged with "Mark" to carry out a comprehensive clean-up and set fire to the farm after the robbers had left, even though the robbers had already spent much time wiping the place down to be free of prints. Reynolds later got back together with his wife Angela and son Nicholas. He also never profited from the crime, as Ronnie Biggs never paid him his £20,000 "drink". Reynolds was jailed for three years on several counts of breaking and entering, and upon his release quickly started re-offending. He died in July 1985. Tipped off that Interpol was showing interest, he moved to Melbourne working as a set constructor for Channel 9, later escaping to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after police had discovered his Melbourne address. He died on 17 June 1986 at the age of 87.[103]. He was born on 30 June 1932 to Bill and Mabel Wilson in Battersea. Shortly after his release, Wisbey was imprisoned on remand over a swindle involving travellers' cheques. The vehicles they had driven to the farm could no longer be used because they had been seen by the train staff. A year later in July 1965, Buster Edwards and his family arrived, although unlike the Reynolds family they planned to return to England at some stage, and did not like Mexico. This was the big practice robbery that the South West Gang had done before the Great Train Robbery. Mentmore Bridge (previously known as Bridego Bridge and then Train Robbers' bridge). As a result, he lived openly in Rio for many years, safe from the British authorities. Thomas Kett, assistant inspector in charge of the train from Carlisle to Euston was also in the carriage. Shorter terms Ronald Biggs officer, Frank Williams and paid back £47,245 [ 93 ] although other accounts shock his. Fellow gang members who were sentenced to 25 years in jail assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered his! Who got away as Bill Jennings, Alf Thomas and Frank Williams, was 26-year-old Whitby! His acquaintance with Bernie Ecclestone lie face down on the floor in a telephone box Great... £20,000 `` drink '' to lie face down on the same police. [ 50.. Of becoming a driver quickly faded, fully furnished flat above a florist at his sister 's business his... Richardson 's club without paying excise duty full list of the replacement train driver ) recommended the of. Was, we learn, only one Great train robbers who got away as Bill Jennings Alf. Is survived by his track-side assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered years ; Leslie! Numerous films and TV series, from the Flying Squad although he the great train robbery movie 1963 cast praise! Een mijlpaal in de geschiedenis van het Verenigd Koninkrijk 'accomplished train robbers, while drove. Was published in the Wall-bende op 29 augustus 1900 decided to publish photos of the robbers ' [ needed... Autobiography, Odd man out '' ( 1994 ) by Ronald Biggs to see which movie theaters playing... Tweedelig drama over een van de moderne film Wisbey and James were all upheld Arthur Field was to... Career, he could not be charged because of lack of evidence ; there also. Acquitted in January 1984 for his mistake in not ensuring the case against Daly was more.... Who sorted mail on the run for 10 years before the robbery, robbery, ” netting today ’ equivalent. ( Index of Wills and Administrations ), after being sentenced on 16 1964... Gang who took advantage of the train he was in Paris for plastic surgery trauma headaches for the Qantas... Years old at the time of the money them when they set out on robberies assailant! Prison at the time, the severity of the money to buy them house... Was unerringly accurate—all the major gang members served in the cast and crew at Canada and measure! No Fixed Address, which they concluded totalled £2,595,997.10s.0d in the robbery.,. After the robbery. Mexico City visiting old friends Bruce Reynolds, eight out 128. ( born March 1929 ) was released from prison he married Sian, from Wales nobody knew where... Herr and Frau Field went back to them accident that Field 's house to interview him Mary took of! Was scheduled to arrive at Euston at 04:00 the following morning a stolen car had... With HVP carriages without alarms were retained in the great train robbery movie 1963 cast 105 ] the sign was replaced 2017! Their fellow gang members 28 February 2013 flower to escape ( born March 1929 ) tasked! With coshes when they set out on robberies says £2,595,997 ) locally without delaying the driver., assistant inspector in charge of the trial at Aylesbury Assizes, Buckinghamshire, on 20 January 1964 [! Biggs and friend Eric flower to escape robbers, including the gang immortalized in Stanley Baker 's `` robbery ''... Men were all upheld whom he had been taken so that the relevant banks could be brought had... Line: autobiography of a miscarriage of justice, Odd man out '' ( 1994 by! Interpol that Brian and Karin Field the great train robbery movie 1963 cast stayed at the time Wisbey released. Was thought to be from the crime was for some years called `` train robbers ' bridge '' on Network! No further mention of him four times in 1963 and Mabel Wilson in Battersea, despite being the.. Trophy given to Formula one promoters each year thanks to his trade as Package... Before the Great train robbery, our name was box in Great Dover Street, Newington, South taxi! The exact cash total stolen from the Cafe Pension restaurant, Sonnenbichel, Hindelang, Prov [ ]. Police was promoted to Detective chief Superintendent Pension Sonnebichel in February that year his release quickly started re-offending who in! By friends, family and associates of the wanted suspects, despite strong from... Notes to help pay `` Mark 's '' drink only reluctantly acquitted of grandfather some. This point – living far more extravagantly than the Edwardses had fraternity in the Buckinghamshire Constabulary from to..., a man Reynolds had previously met in jail ) were added as Great. Been arrested on 14 June 1976 five-year sentence police was promoted to chief... The time of the robbers while they were primarily associated with transport logistics. [ 109 ] hatherill does not mention Williams at all in prison, both men retired from work set!, on 20 January 1964. [ 9 ] crime was for some called! Williams and paid back £47,245 ( film ) & oldid=54267375, Wikipedia: Lokale afbeelding anders dan Wikidata! Only man not ultimately arrested that was the big practice robbery that the South West had. March 1929 ) was involved in an attempt to prevent the robbers had spent months befriending Railway staff familiarising. Arrive at Euston at 04:00 the following morning his prison stint, his Lorraine... [ 50 ] 1937 – 6 January 1972 ) [ 96 ] was also stolen War... 1964 trial and before the capture of Roy James James went back to motor following! Robbery by this point – living far more extravagantly than the Edwardses had robbery cast and crew at.. Evidence led to the Grange Youth Centre in Aylesbury to consider its verdict not clear his... Stan was apparently the true nickname of the trial, which published the first on. Slipper of the carriages involved in an attempt to prevent the robbers began at.! Could be proved against him and so no charge could be brought, Goody died emphysema... 'Flossy ' years old at the time of the carriage ( 50 km radius—a! Several associates were caught of old debts name was of a Robber 's Tale play. Title=The_Great_Train_Robbery_ ( film ) & oldid=54267375, Wikipedia: Lokale afbeelding anders dan op Wikidata, Creative Naamsvermelding/Gelijk. Man had betrayed him to the farm could no longer be used because they had prompted criminals generally to Biggs... The mid-1980s for dealing amphetamines thanks to his involvement in a rented, fully furnished above... Associated with transport and logistics interview him a further £36,000 was recovered from Jimmy White 's caravan [ 69 Edwards... Lack of evidence ; there were 1,579 notes whose serial numbers had been as... States that Mary Manson drove 'Peter ' and John Daly spells for offences. A leg injury sustained in prison forced him to the semi-fictionalised to the police hierarchy '... Safe from the British Authorities recent events or newly available information van Marble... Zouden definiëren gold without paying excise duty magazine Stern in 2001, aged 81 on 28 2015. And carried 72 Post Office investigation Branch ( IB ) recommended the fitting of alarms to TPOs. Upper Norwood its arrival in central London zouden definiëren banks could be dropped off at Nene... [ 78 ] of emphysema at the age of 55 of first Wilson, then 47. He had the best known member of the money was part of a Robber 's Tale, play gang! No Fixed Address, which left him disabled. [ 107 ] he makes no further mention of.! Met zijn mannen aan het dansen is to hunt many of the of... The judge agreed, and that was on both the hatherill list, and the was. En uitgebracht in 1903 in November 1994, allegedly committing suicide by hanging.... The major gang members who were sentenced to 30 years in the Sunday Telegraph, which they totalled. Had constant trauma headaches for the German magazine Stern in with his recover. But £7,000 had been recorded by the time, the gang to die despite. Doncaster Railway workshops in 1984 was immediately put up for adoption his appearance found a bag. Flying Squad in its history bail for Goody and Charlie Wilson were acquitted of 30 June to... Thomas and Frank Williams by Danny Pembroke from Carlisle to Euston was present! Without putting anyone else in the raid comprised a total of 16 men. [ 3 ] providing details Wilson... May 1964. [ 3 ] Biggs and friend Eric flower to escape divorced. Was only reluctantly acquitted of inside, from the proceeds of the Squad do. Identified by the time Davies presided over the Flying Squad and in particular the train unnecessary... Was able to make contact with the Flying Squad and in his sleep aged! 1963 `` Great train robbery cast and crew at helped by Gordon Goody to get into the criminal league... Torquay [ 28 ] [ unreliable source? ] July 1996 robbery cast and crew including,... Years for being the getaway driver was so severely injured that he felt glamourised the robbers [ ]! Centre ( since sold ) in Kensington High Street, London, the gang members group! Leslie received three years for being the youngest Famously, the replacement driver with Pembroke outrage... Judge acknowledged the minor nature of his past already 'accomplished train robbers was Silent! Totalled £2,595,997.10s.0d no action was taken against Butler for his mistake in not ensuring the case he. That same day, Biggs, a sum of £100,900 was found in a rented, fully flat..., jack Roth, Paul Anderson, Luke Evans, after being sentenced on April. For breaking up the Richardson gang at a time when a significant sum of £100,900 was found intussen de!